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Sustainable Swimwear: Shapes in the Sand

It can be easy to romanticise an entrepreneur’s business journey , especially one that involves moving to a beautiful Queenslander on a mountain slope nestled amongst the trees brimming with natural wildlife. Yes it all seems idyllic. But the truth is, starting a business involves a lot of work. Some of it hard, some of it easy, but all of it necessary to create something of any real significance. Of course, with our foray into organic farming and food production, there has been and will be a constant stream of physical work. On the flipside, there is also a never-ending pile of intellectual ‘work’ involved too. And to add to that, the work can be emotionally taxing too.

Thankfully there is three of us sharing in the responsibility for turning this business vision into a reality. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how it must feel for a lone entrepreneur doing it on their own!

Which is why when I come across the rare individual that is willing to ‘back themselves and have a go’ as my fianc√© likes to put it, I am fixated on not just learning what makes them tick, but also tapping into their vibrational energy. One such person is Alexandra Dash, founder of sustainable swimwear label Shapes in the Sand and a young woman undeterred by the sheer competitive nature of the fashion industry.

How it all began for Alex

After completing her studies in Fashion Design and Production, Dash founded the swimwear label with a vision to provide a more sustainable alternative in swim and lifestyle wear that also captured nature’s true beauty. “I have always loved being amongst nature. It’s beauty is endless and it inspires me with each collection I design.” Combining two of her passions together, the natural environment and swimwear, she made the decision to create a label that supported her eco ideals. Dash heavily researched the factors that went into creating a product range that she felt was environmentally friendly but equally of high quality. This is where the idea of making swimwear made from nylon produced primarily from discarded fishing nets and other post consumer waste was born. Dash also found that not only did this recycled fabric feel luxurious, but it was also extremely hard wearing- in line with her sustainability value of making a product to last.

In addition to the label’s environmental credentials, they only use ethical manufacturing processes. All Shapes in the Sand pieces are designed and made in Australia. In fact, with the design studio based in Bilgola on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, it is easy to see where Dash draws her design inspiration from. “I love my home and work space because it looks out into a very tropical backyard with all sorts of wild life.” Enamoured with a family of friendly water dragons who are crazy for bananas and an enjoyer of a relaxed lifestyle, Dash is as endearing as she is talented.

About the current sustainable swimwear collection

Dash’s new Spring/Summer collection entitled “Into the Wild” inspired by the hidden beauty of the Amazon Jungle where bold colours and tropical shades seem limitless are just a taste of this beauty’s true talents. Having only begun the label last year and already having a collection featured in Australia’s most prestigious eco fashion shows, Undress Runways, this is a young woman to watch. I know I will be – and drooling over her uber amazing pieces too!

Shapes in the Sand swimwear can be purchased online at To follow the label on Facebook, click here. You can also find the label on Instagram @shapesinthesandswim

Beware: some of her beach images are so dreamy you’ll find yourself re-gramming with the hash tag #fromwhereidratherbe

Photos courtesy of Alexandra Dash

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