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Don’t Palm Us Off

I have this second hand Melbourne Zoo tee that I picked up from Savers (surprise, surprise) that I’ve been wearing a lot lately and could have something to do with my recent obsession with Jane Goodall, the famous primatologist who is planning to visit Melbourne in June. What I like most about the tee is the orange slogan that declares “Don’t Palm Us Off”, a statement I adore not only because of the play on words, but because it reflects my own attitude which my partner Ben likes to describe as feisty.

The faded black tee fits well but is loose enough to be casually comfy and teamed with my black vintage shoes from eBay, vintage leather tassel bag from Out of the Closet New & Vintage Clothing (Brunswick St, Fitzroy), handmade recycled wood necklace by RAT and shaggy cropped hairdo, I’m fairly certain I’ve perfected rock chick chic.

Anyway, back to the t-shirt.

“Don’t Palm Us Off” refers to the plight of the orangutans, a species who’s survival is being threatened due to the world’s insatiable demand for palm oil. The orangutans’ habitats are found in South East Asia and are currently being destroyed for purely economic reasons – to make way for palm oil plantations.

Palm oil springs up in the most unlikely of consumer products, with about 50% of all baked goods, confectionary, spreads, body products, cosmetics and cleaning products found in supermarkets containing palm oil. According to Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia have now lost 80% of its rainforests. And with Tony Abbott and the coalition ready to strip 74,000 hectares of Tasmanian rainforest from World Heritage Listing, I’m beginning to think that the human species all around the world are being led by some short sighted twits indeed.

It’s easy to concede defeat when we’re dealing with companies and people with deep pockets masquerading as our governments, ruining our natural world in the name of ‘progress’. But then I stop and remember to take a leaf out of Jane Goodall’s book:

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T-shirt: Savers / Vintage shoes: eBay / Necklace: RAT available at Eco Warrior Princess / Vintage bag: Out of the Closet / Jeans + sunglasses: My own / Photographer: Ben McGuire

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