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Undress Runways Melbourne 2014

Playing dress ups is fun. But there’s nothing like getting undressed and baring it all that really gets me going!

And that’s exactly what happened at the Undress Runways Melbourne sustainable fashion show. Stripping away the harmful layers of fast fashion and showcasing ethical and sustainable fashion designers, Undress Runways have successfully put eco-friendly and socially sustainable fashion on the Australian map. After several sell out shows in Brisbane, Edda Hamar, founder of Undress Runways and her team, brought Australia’s largest sustainable fashion show to Melbourne – arguably Australia’s fashion capital (although as a local, you won’t get an argument from me!)

Boasting a mix of some of Australia’s emerging and established sustainable fashion designers and timing the event perfectly with the Sustainable Living Festival, Undress Runways Melbourne was a triumph, wowing the tough Melbourne fashion crowd whilst providing an education in the art of sustainable style. Having attended many a Melbourne fashion show myself, I was impressed not only with the selection of eco-fashion on display from men’s wear, women’s wear, sleepwear, undergarments and evening dresses but also the event coordination, from the venue choice – Thousand Pound Bend – to the after party at Campari House.

I brought my best friend and plus one along to the event, Belinda Ponczek, a fashion stylist in her own right and a person with a style aesthetic that I admire, as I wanted to compare outfit notes with somebody who understood my obsession with fashion. She was impressed with the designer talent, as was I, and she is no stranger to the cause given she had worked her own magic behind the scenes at New York’s largest sustainable event, Eco Fest. So we sat there front row and center, giving our nods of approval to the garments and models we particularly liked, whispering quietly about our thoughts, both sipping red wine whilst I busily snapped away with my camera like a wannabe professional photographer, trying to look somewhat sophisticated (read: trying to keep my knickers from showing!) in my short strapless 80’s number purchased at Dear Gladys.

So a spectacular event enjoyed by many, but especially by this eco fashion blogger and her plus one who continued the night at the after party inspired and ready to change the world – at least through our wardrobes anyway. And my designer pick of the night? It would have to be Cameron & James, an eco-friendly menswear label producing small quantities of urban clothing with a minimalist simplicity that appeals to my penchant for androgynous chic. Should these Melbourne designers wish to produce a range of women’s clothing, I won’t just put my name down on their VIP mailing list, I’ll be front row at their next show as well!

Undress Runways Melbourne Sustainable Fashion Show
Studio Jux
New Model Beauty Queen
New Model Beauty Queen
Cameron & James
Founder of Undress Runways, Edda Hamar
Front Row at Undress Runways Melbourne

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