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The Nature of Nature

Eco Warrior Princess is proud to feature friend and guest writer, Shikha Sacher. A woman who is as passionate about the environment and making a difference as I. Born and raised in India, Shikha completed her Post-Grad in Information Systems in Melbourne and spent over half a decade living and working in Australia. She is devoted to issues involving the community, sustainability and innovation. She has volunteered for Indian NGO’s and is a guest author at Next Nature , a tech-nature-design movement by Koert Van Mensvoort. A compelling woman, her prose leaves me pondering humanity’s relationship to our environment and I hope it evokes similar feelings in you. Happy Reading x


There is no other way nature could have possibly developed. Let’s face it, nature followed a simple truth ‘Evolution is the only absolute’. And one look at our surrounds, we know, nature swears by this truth!

One does think of evolution to mean as that invisible constant change laboriously concocting nature’s beings and dictating their existence subject to their response to the umpteen stimuli. Looking at the distinctly evolved creatures – including flora, fauna and humans (pardon me for counting humans separately) on places such as Socotra to Patagonia all the way to New Zealand, some aspects are still very common –


  • Petroleum, plutonium and all other discover’iums’s are still found in the deepest realms of the earth where humans need to frack the planet to reach them. It has come to be a universal truth – to get to the mode of energy, which a scientist discovered decades ago as an indispensable solution to our energy problems, has been taken to a very evolved level.


  • The core of all life forms is a form of energy which has been harnessed from the sun from time immemorial. Earth has displayed immaculate intelligence to have formulated a code which was used by the ‘evolving’ life-forms; there was a certain algorithm which all animals and plants developed for their own survivalism. So to me, the heart of the matter is survivalism in sync with harmony of nature.
Photo credit: Tiltti
  • As a friend and I discussed the other day – random will never always be random. A random occurrence if left on its own devices will still follow a certain rule of survivalism. Evolution of that occurrence shall still be dictated by unstated rules which form the fabric of our planet (and possibly the universe). New rules might be written, sure, however the foundational design is still quite sacrosanct.
  • Music in all countries and continents has evolved with 7 notes, interpretations have been different yes, and however, the actual sounds which have been classified are still the same. The usage and feeling as well as the association of a genre of music with a certain mood have been the real evolution.
  • Medicine and its dependence on the rules of chemistry have been inescapably connected to the rules of physics. So in essence, our reliance on pharmaceuticals can be traced down to the behaviour of an electron. The behaviour of a certain atom or generically speaking – the behaviour of an element has not deviated from its original plan-of-action so to speak. Gold is still sought after as much as uranium due to its respective worth. They clearly have not evolved into something different – and if they did, I am sure scientists (and governments) would be very upset. So you can still have that ginger, be it organic or commercially-produced, for your flu because it has managed to serve the same purpose it plausibly evolved for.

Some questions one might ponder upon, given the kind of fast-paced technologically-homogenised world we are in could be as follows –

Is nature for us to meddle with?

If yes, then how far can one go?

Agreed that nature doesn’t come with an instruction manual, however, if it did – would the most intelligent species on the planet be able to decipher it?

Will humans be able to fool nature one day – beat it to act otherwise?

And would fooling nature be a righteous move, let alone righteous, would it be a move that promotes longevity and sustenance?

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