The Elixir of the Indo-Tibetan town

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The Elixir of the Indo-Tibetan town

“When life hands you lemonade, don’t try to make lemons” – Vince Guthrie

In my recent travels up in Dharamshala (Kangra District of Himachal Pradesh, India), I noticed a beverage listed on almost all menus I read in almost all cafes.  Under the section of Tea was printed this beautiful cuppa called Hot Lemon Honey Ginger and when brewed and served next to my meals, it turned out to an epic winner! Before I knew it, I was swigging this elixir by glassfuls be it with breakfast, lunch or supper.  The concoction, on some research, seemed surprisingly apt for the cool drizzly weather. It was no wonder that the organic goodness and the warming benefits of ginger and honey helped me keep a cold away without having to pop the usual Panamax.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of each key ingredient in this ancient elixir –

Warm Water:

Keeps the body hydrated
Removal of toxins from nervous system
Purifies blood stream
Matches the temperature of stomach during digestion thus stimulating a smoother digestion
Good for the kidneys and urinary system


Aids in digestion due to increased production of digestive fluids
Helps in alleviating nausea, motion sickness and headaches
Prevents cold and flu and helps healing a sore throat
Anti-inflammatory properties in it help relieve pain and swelling

Raw Honey:

Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
Flavonoids in it prevent cancer and heart diseases
Helps in treating ulcers and bacterial gastroenteritis
Natural alternative to chemically treated sweeteners
Helps maintain glycogen levels, great for athletes (in my case trekking)
Good for eye-sight, skin and healing of wounds and burns


Rich in anti-oxidants helps in strengthening the immune system
Rich in Vitamin C – helps in absorption of calcium and fight against osteoporosis
Cleans kidneys and helps in removal of toxins
Potassium in lemon helps with brain and nerve cells health
Fights infection, corns, asthma, cough and cold

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