Earth Day 2013 – The Leakey Collection Ethical Jewelry Giveaway

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Earth Day 2013 – The Leakey Collection Ethical Jewelry Giveaway

Today is Earth Day. Perhaps not if you are living in Australia where it is now April 23 but in the United States it is!

So to celebrate I thought it would be fitting to complete a blog post about The Leakey Collection, an organisation founded by Katy and Philip Leakey, who’s work in helping the Kenyan people is truly inspiring and one that has my complete support. In addition, this brilliant organization is giving an Eco Warrior Princess reader the chance to win some fantastic Zulugrass ethical jewelry!

So read on to discover the amazing story behind this organization and to read about how you can enter this fantastic give away.

What inspired you to start?

We [Katy and Philip Leakey] live among the pastoral Maasai in East Africa.  Towards the end of a terrible drought in 2000 we found ourselves financially supporting and assisting over 100 women and their children, as the husbands/fathers had to take the cattle far to find grazing. This wasn’t sustainable so we looked for a way to provide work opportunity. The women are talented beaders making lovely jewelry. All we had to do is find a local source for beads.  We did so in a creative way, making them from a very hardy, durable grass the cattle wouldn’t eat and Zulugrass was borne.

What are the biggest challenges in what you do?

Creating and making products in the bush that we hold to the highest standards of design and quality for one of the most discerning customer bases in the world. Maintaining this bridge between the two has been and remains our greatest challenge. But I have to add it is also the most creative and fascinating part of what we do!

Photo credit: The Leakey Collection
Photo credit: The Leakey Collection

What is your business’ proudest achievement?

Saving lives through the Women’s Health Initiative which is funded by the sales of The Leakey Collection products. Through this program we train local Health Care Workers who promote better nutrition, teach women to set up vitamin & protein rich gardens, supply mid-wives, pre and post natal care, and educate women on many health related issues.

Where do you see the future of the ethical and sustainable fashion industries?

Our experience is that the youth are demanding ethical/sustainable/eco production and this trend is growing exponentially. I find it gratifying and thrilling to envision the impact this will have on fair trade producers’ families and the environment in the years to come. Because we live in East Africa in the middle of our operation every day we experience the changes, advancement, more children receiving an education, women self-funding micro lending, spreading entrepreneurship as they start their own businesses with the proceeds of working with The Leakey Collection, community health improving and so much more. It’s a bright future!

How do you carry out your eco and ethical principles in day-to-day life?

Nothing goes to waste – everything has a purpose. Every life counts, no matter how tiny, how many legs or roots.  Appreciate the beauty!

If you were granted one wish, what would it be?

To speak all languages, including being able to talk with the plants and animals.

So I am very excited to announce that in commemoration of Earth Day, The Leakey Collection is generously giving away a jewelry set of 6 Zulugrass single strands that you can wear as a necklace or as a bracelet! All you have to do to enter this fantastic give away is:

1. Follow The Leakey Collection on Facebook

2. Follow The Leakey Collection on Twitter.

3. Follow The Leakey Collection Instagram

Each activity above counts for one entry into the competition. For entries to be valid you must comment here (below) when you do any of the above including your full name and email address.

Competition is open to US residents only. Entries close 8pm CDT Monday 29th April 2013. The winner will be drawn at random and will be announced on Tuesday 30th April 2013. The winner will be contacted via email and must reply with their postal address within 7 business days of notification. In the event of the winner not being contactable, another random draw will be held.

Good luck to all of you entering and a massive thank you to The Leakey Collection for their amazing work as well as their generosity!

Jen xx

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