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Eco-Fashion Label: Make Amend

Written by Jennifer Nini

When my path crossed that of eco-fashionista turned eco-designer Cassandra Pons’, I knew that she would feature perfectly on this blog. Not only is she an inspiring young woman, Cassandra, or Cassie as she is more commonly known, has also created an eco-fashion label Make Amend that encourages other young women to invest in unique designs that supports independent designers and is eco-friendly.

Cassie has grown her business from humble beginnings, spending Saturday afternoon’s sewing in her bedroom to working in her studio at Katelyn Aslett Artisan Couture in Townsville. Cassie recounts what inspired her to start her eco label: “For as long as I can remember I have been a very creative person and always very ‘artsy’. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school where I went through a somewhat obsessive stage of op-shopping that I discovered my love for redesigned and handmade fashion. Once I started I couldn’t stop! It all happened so naturally and it brought me so much happiness that I knew that this was what I am meant to do.”

Photo courtesy of Cassandra Pons

Cassie’s designs are vintage inspired, quirky and one-of-a-kind. Her garments are either up-cycled or created from recycled materials and hand crafted by Cassie herself making each item unique, individual but also ethical because they are all locally made.

Her business has been growing in its success and achievements, however Cassie is honest about the challenges she faces within the fashion industry: “It takes more effort to source sustainable materials, more financial resources to make them and lots of time to ensure that they are produced using sustainable methods.” But Cassie is determined to realise her goals and not willing to give up knowing that through this work she is making a positive difference in the world.

Photo courtesy of Cassandra Pons

And when Cassie is not designing garments in her studio or choosing recycled retro prints she draws inspiration from Peppermint Magazine. “I think that it represents being sustainable in the right light and demonstrates all different facets of life that it can be incorporated into – fashion, life, music.” Outside of fashion, Cassie tries to lead a green lifestyle by choosing organic foods where possible, limiting her use of animal materials in clothing, minimising her travel and just trying to do her best to be a positive influence on this world.

Photo courtesy of Cassandra Pons

And I say, Amen to that sister!

Make Amend pieces can be conveniently purchased online through the following websites:

Cassie is not only talented but she is generous as well and has offered to give away a fabulous Make Amend custom-made outfit to Eco Warrior Princess readers! Stay tuned for an upcoming post with further details on how you can enter!

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Jennifer Nini

Jennifer Nini is a writer, activist and the founding editor of Eco Warrior Princess. In 2010, after studying Fashion Business, she launched Eco Warrior Princess to explore her interests in fashion, politics, social justice and sustainability. Jennifer is also the founder of The Social Copywriter, a digital agency harnessing the power of copywriting and content marketing to help mindful businesses reach more people. When she’s not perfecting a sentence or coaching business clients, you will find her at her certified organic farm reconnecting with nature.


  • Hi Angela, thanks so much!

    International readers are unfortunately not included in the giveaway ;P

    I love your blog too. I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging since late last year! You’ve done a wonderful job 🙂

    There are so many great eco fashion bloggers coming from your neck of the woods (UK) and it makes me all the more excited to be heading over there later this year.

    Are you on Instagram? Are you part of the Ethical Fashion Bloggers group?

    Jen xx

    • Thank you. It’s been a learning curve, but I’m really enjoying it.

      Originally, I’m from Canada, so London has been an amazing place to live and learn.

      I’m not on Instagram (BlackBerry user…) but hope to be soon if I transition to an iPhone. I also will investigate the Ethical Fashion Bloggers group – thanks for mentioning it.

      Don’t hesitate to drop me a line when you come to London – we could possibly collaborate.

      Best, Angela

      • No worries Angela! The Ethical Fashion Bloggers group is actually based in London so you will get to meet others in the space once you join. And of course, I will take you up on your offer to catch up – that is the very reason I am heading to London! To network within this industry that we love and to help inspire others towards a sustainable lifestyle! I am also the Marketing & PR Intern for Eco Brides Magazine so feel free to check it out! Keep in touch! x

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