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To Buy Nothing New

I’m not planning to lose weight.

I’m not giving up alcohol.

And I’m not cutting down on coffee.

My New Year’s resolution is simply this:

To buy nothing new.

Now let’s be clear on the ground rules: This will not apply to the giving of gifts. I will only apply this rule to one thing in particular: my wardrobe. And this does not include anything purchased second-hand, recycled, upcycled or vintage. After all, these items aren’t exactly ‘new’.

Anyway, this idea all started when I was on the phone to one of my BFF’s Mei who is currently living in the UK.  We were discussing the serious topic of my refraining from going clothes shopping and sticking to the items already in my vast clothing collection when the conversation ran to the even more serious topic of London fashion.  My best friend who has never witnessed my rebirth as an Eco Warrior and has only ever witnessed my many Princess moments laughed off my suggestion of not going shopping when I came to visit in the UK. She explained that London life is very expensive and high street fashion is too good and too cheap to pass up. She also wondered how I would go with shopping in London, when she has witnessed me nearly max out my credit card on the first day we landed in New York City.

So the conversation got me thinking.

Instead of giving up the clichéd coffee, alcohol and junk food for my New Year’s resolution, I decided that I would lead by example and instead, give up buying any new clothes, shoes and accessories.

Now I know I don’t have to go so far as to devote a whole year to this cause given that there is an entire month already dedicated to Buying Nothing New (October for those of you who didn’t know) but I figured that I would test my values and principles and commit to the entire year.

And when I went Christmas shopping with my mum recently at Highpoint Shopping Centre, waiting 30 minutes for a free car park, fighting the crowds of shoppers and their kids, testing my patience in the checkout queue and resisting the urge not to shoot myself, I realised that I might be onto something.

But the true test will come when I land in London next year. Then we’ll find out whether my will is strong enough to withstand the allure of fast fashion or whether my best friend wins bragging rights. Wish me luck people!

If you’re interested, why not join me? Just think how much waste we can avoid and how much money we can save!

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