SPAIR Sandals: Eco-Friendly Footwear

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SPAIR Sandals: Eco-Friendly Footwear

Foldable flip flops, foldable thongs, foldable sandals. However you choose to describe them, these little pockets of goodness are popping up in handbags all across the world.

I personally didn’t care for them. I had seen a pair of foldable thongs in a girl friend’s bag a few months ago and I remembered thinking to myself that I would never be caught dead wearing flats. As a self-confessed city slicker with short-person syndrome, I had been known to wear my heels until my feet hurt, at night clubs, at weddings, at racing carnivals and everything else in between.

But then I moved to the country and I became interested in comfort and organic beauty without compromising style. So needless to say that when I received a promotional pair of SPAIR Sandals they became an item of interest. I tried them on, I oohed and ahhed over the colour and style and found them extremely comfortable.  And, as it has often been said, the rest is history.

Firstly, SPAIR Sandals are eco-friendly which probably comes as no surprise to you given the theme of this blog. But what amused me is that they are made from 100% recycled tyres. Recycling is of course high on my agenda, and recycling tyres in this way in my books is quite ingenious. Secondly the sandals are made of earth-friendly leatherette. Vegan chic is what I call it. And last but not least, each pair comes with a convenient, convertible clutch that stores your heels once you’ve made the pain-to-comfort switch. Perfect for those big nights on the town dancing the night away.

SPAIR Sandals are also available in three colours: Black Onyx, Bronze Goddess and Pure Platinum and come in size options S,M,L,XL which fit sizes (5-12). SPAIR Sandals also retail at $24.95 which considering its’ durability, stylishness and eco-friendliness, is a bargain in my books!

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