7 Steps to a Greener Office

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7 Steps to a Greener Office

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The issue of sustainability and environmental responsibility is fast becoming the key topic of discussion in governments and communities across the globe. Some members of the business community have joined the cause and have proactively implemented initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. Your business can also follow their lead by:

Recycling: Partner with recycling companies such as Visy and your local councils and start recycling paper, envelopes, cardboard, newspapers, bottles. You can even recycle print cartridges through Fuji Xerox.

Energy efficient office equipment: Using energy efficient lighting, photocopiers, kitchen appliances and computers will help to reduce your office’s energy usage.

Reducing waste: Setting computers and printers to automatic double-sided printing, using auto PC sleep when computers are not in use and turning off computers, lights and air conditioners when leaving the building to reduce paper and energy waste.

Eco office supplies: Purchasing recycled office supplies such as recycled paper, recycled business cards from companies such as VistaPrint, toilet paper, environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and detergents your office will reduce your business’ overall carbon footprint.

Natural light: Effectively using natural sunlight where possible and reducing the use of artificial light, particularly in bathrooms and offices, will reduce energy consumption.

Sustainable transport: By providing employees with bicycle storage, your business is encouraging use of more sustainable modes of transportation. And you can go one step forward and perhaps purchase a hybrid car as your company car, such as the Toyota Hybrid Camry.

Eco interior design: Decorating the office with fresh plants will help restore any imbalance in the office environment and promote fresh air.

Should your boss try and avoid their environmental responsibility and discount any of these ideas, just explain that the business can save money and increase it’s bottom line due to reduced expenses on office supplies and electricity bills. That usually motivates any business manager to action. And it it doesn’t work, well you can always share you story with me 🙂

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