The Slow Fashion Revolution

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The Slow Fashion Revolution

Last weekend I went to the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane to see the thought-provoking “21st Century” exhibition.

Consumerism. Globalism. Materialism. These were some of the key themes that artists the world over explored as part of this free exhibition.

And as much as  I love fashion, the concept of “fast fashion” doesn’t sit well with my eco conscious soul. Fast fashion was born from this human (and mostly female) desire to consume clothes. Inherently, it is the idea that we purchase a garment to wear once or a handful of times, only to discard and replace it with another garment or trend piece. The quick turnover of clothing is deemed “fast” – hence, fast fashion.

Fast fashion is common practice in a world where accumulating material possessions and discarding possessions to upgrade to something better and newer is the goal of many. I should know – I had a walk-in wardrobe stuffed with so many items I had to start selling on eBay and donating to the local charity stores. I got rid of three garbage bags full of items and I still have so much I could start my own fashion boutique!

But recently the “slow fashion” revolution has come to my attention. This means I’m purchasing less garments and I purchase items consciously, always asking myself what, where and how garments have been made always choosing the eco friendly option over the cheaply made option.

Thus, if “fast fashion” is the way of the past, perhaps “slow fashion” is the way of the future. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping so. Besides, I’m a little tired of seeing women wear the same thing, purchased from chain stores at bargain prices.

So let’s get back to real fashion – pieces that might be a little dearer, but designed and constructed well, using natural fabrics that are durable, versatile and trans-seasonal. And not only that, but you’ll be helping to protect the world’s natural environment and creating a more sustainable future.

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