Tips to a more eco-friendly life

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Tips to a more eco-friendly life

It’s easy for me to talk about sustainability and even easier for me to follow an eco-friendly life – we live on a 2 acre property with enough space to grow our own veggies, install 3 water tanks and be able to live off the grid so we never have to hear from any energy companies – ever!

But I did live in Melbourne up until September last year and I did my best to live sustainably amongst the hustle and bustle. Here’s what I did:


I recycled everything I could – catalogues, newspapers, envelopes, milk cartons, beer cans, wine bottles. Anything recyclable I would recycle.

Shopped second-hand!

I shopped in second hand clothing stores such as St Vinnie’s and Salvation Army as well as the well known recycle store, Savers. I often shopped for clothing, books and home decor. As the years went by and I found more interesting and unique items, I turned my back on conventional shops and headed straight to the local op-shop. You may need a bit of patience when browsing through some of the items – but when you find that little treasure, it’s well worth it!

Pulled it out!

I was notorious for pulling the plug out of the power point when I wasn’t using something. This is a habit that I cultivated whilst living with my parents who were very energy conscious (which I’m sure was a result of getting a $500 energy bill!). They believed that anything still plugged in, even if switched off, was still using some small amount of power. Although back then I wasn’t convinced, the habit stuck and every now and then still annoys my partner Ben who is not used to having to plug things back in after leaving the room only minutes earlier.

Turned it off!

I’m referring to the water tap. I did my best to be economical with it and turned the tap off especially when I was brushing my teeth and when I was soaping up in the shower. And as much as I loved a bath, I only ever had one in the 5 years I lived in my house because I just didn’t enjoy waiting for the tub to fill with all of that water! I’m not saying you can’t have a bath, all I’m saying is to try and find a more economical way to relax – like meditation!

Used those legs!

For a while there my partner Ben and I were walking in the mornings trying to get fit. It was during this time that we would also head to our local green grocer to top up on fruit and veggies. If we couldn’t be bothered walking, I’d get my push bike out. Not only do you rely less on the fuel-guzzling vehicle and reduce car pollution, but you also get fit relying on your own legs to get you where you need to go!

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