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Taking the fashion high road

Many of us actually think twice before devouring greasy unhealthy food void of nutritional value. In a culture where food and health consciousness is an acceptable part of everyday life, many of us watch what we eat, kilojoule count and read the nutritional fine print on food packaging.

Thus: if you are what you eat, than it should also ring true for what you wear.

I’ve been to many a party and it is at such parties that the fashion discussion often takes place. It usually goes something like this:

Female A: “I love that dress you’ve got on – where’d you get it from?”

Female B: “From Kookai [or insert any other popular chain store here]”

Female A: “Is it new?”

Female B: “Yeh, I got it a few days ago”

Female A: “It’s so beautiful – how much did it cost?”

Female B: “About $130”

Female A: “Cool, might head down and get one just like it!”

And so on and so forth.

Many women have had similar conversations like the one above. I’ve been guilty of it many times in my life. I can’t help it – I love clothes and I love fashion. The only difference is, if someone asked where I got a dress or an item from, my usual reply is “It’s vintage” or “From the op-shop” or even “Got in on e-Bay.” And most of the time this is true. Recycled, vintage and second-hand clothing is not only economical, it’s also eco-friendly.

And the only other deviance from the above conversation – especially if I’m doing the asking – is the question “What’s it made out of?” To which the standard response is usually “I don’t know.”

Just so you know, the right answer could be one or more of the following fabrics: bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, organic wool, organic linen, milk silk, soy silk, recycled polyester, jute or muslin.

So the next time you’re at a dinner party, or work function or even waiting in line to go the female bathroom at a club (this frequently happens to me) and you get involved in that fashion discussion – you’ll come off less like a fashion groupie and a lot more like a fashion editor. I know which one I’d prefer to be!

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