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Writing nakedly

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I have kept many journals over the years in which I logged my grievances with people and situations (but mainly with people), captured moments of happiness, jotted down brilliant film dialogue, words I’d never heard of before, attempted ballads, haikus and poetry and wrote pages of short stories (from erotic fiction through to childhood memories)

As such, I’m not a writer who writes according to a particular writing formula. I write because it is in me to write. I write because it satisfies in me a desire to express who I am, in the moment that I find myself in.

I don’t apologise for expressing the truth of how I see and interpret this world. My world. I am the observer of the world around me and it is my observations that I put out into this world. If you disagree with me, or find my words irritating, than I challenge you to disagree with me and put forth your own observations.

I dare you to open yourself up to others, to stand up for what you believe, not in shield or armour but as your naked self, baring your heart and soul and exposing yourself to the critique of others. Because if you can do this, you are courageous. And someone who has the courage to own their words, will always gain my respect.

This blog is a tribute to how I own my words, provide a means in which people can communicate with me, and don’t hide behind a facade or a pen name – this blog captures the essence of what I’m about, in all its contradictions and imperfections. But although I own these words, at the heart of it, they are still just words. They are but a slight portion of the whole portrayal that is “Jennifer Nini” at any given moment in time. And they can change – as well as the thoughts behind them. They are bound to.

Because change, as we know, is the only constant in life.

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