The Great QLD Floods

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The Great QLD Floods

Photo by Cafrine

Thank God we live on higher ground!

Tuesday’s stormy weather, unrelenting rain and precariously rising waters culminated into my first ever experience of flooding in the history of my life.

Moving to QLD should have been all sunshine and gloriously perfect summer weather. My recent months here could not be further from this truth.

Maryvale, where we live, situated near The Great Diving Range’s Cunningham Gap and25kms west of Warwick was flooded in with the nearest creek rising over the only two bridges connecting us to the “outside world.” Although we were flooded in and we live closest to the creek that was rapidly rising, we were safe due to the property being on higher ground. Unfortunately the tent we called our home for the last 3 months barely survived and the mid-section caved in.

Thank God for the shed (and for the people who built it – Ben, John and Paul!)

The office where I work, Campbell Page, located on one of Warwick’s main streets, Albion Street, and closest to the Condamine River also found itself in an unlucky circumstance and in 30cm of water throughout the building when the Condamine River spilled out over its banks. This subsequently caused one of the main bridges, and the only access into town from the Cunningham Highway, to be closed and shutting down many local businesses. Two weeks ago, these businesses where hit with the Christmas floods finding themselves cleaning out their premises, assessing the flood damage and making insurance claims. This time around, the same businesses were better prepared (thanks to the ABC and the governments Bureau of Meteorology) however it still did not stop the floods from doing damage.

The creek already four times the size it usually is…

Thank God for mobile phones!

Living in the shed in Maryvale (that we now call home due to the collapse of our tent), we do not have any power and our battery-operated radio chose the most awful time to stop working and thus further isolating Ben and I from the Rest of the World.

Keeping us informed of the going ons of the Outside World were concerned family and friends and the car radio providing us with up-to-date news commentary.

My heart and prayers go out to the families in Toowoomba and surrounding regions, that have been very hit hard by this “once in every thirty years” flooding and especially to those who lost family and friends. At last count, there were 12 people deceased and 80 people missing. Mother Nature sure does have a way of putting you in situations that highlight just how important it is to cherish your family and friends, to have compassion for others, to foster community spirit and to appreciate life!

... and the creek only an hour later
… and the creek only an hour later

Last but not least, thank God for Ben!

Ben got me to one of the outdoor toilets when I desperately needed to do a very untimely No.2, got us out of a pretty hopeless situation when my beloved Toyota Celica got bogged in, and his calm and collected presence has been a blessing throughout this crazy ordeal. Fighting a flood disaster and savagely extreme weather is easier when you know you have a strong shoulder in which to lean.

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