Life in Melbourne’s Fast Lane

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Life in Melbourne’s Fast Lane

Photo by Carey Ciuro

A famous quote states “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…” and I apply this to one of the Great Loves of my Life. No I’m not talking about New York which is by far my most favourite city.

I’m talking about Melbourne, my second most favourite city in the world. And here’s why…

The Food.

You get some of the best food in Australia in this city and often at bargain prices! I have favourite restaurants spread across the city from Libertine (French) in North Melbourne, to Izakaya Chuji (Japanese) in the heart of the city and even Kanela (Spanish) in Fitzroy. Whatever takes your fancy, you will always find it in Melbourne! Even African and Jamaican food!

The Watering Holes.

Like any metropolis, there is a new bar opening in Melbourne it seems every week. And they cater to different crowds with different taste in music. If you want a grungy underground place reminiscent to CBGB’s than St Jerome’s at 7 Caledonian Lane is your place. The Vineyard is great for an afternoon beer out in the sun located in the hub of St Kilda. Or try Friday night drinks with a mix of the eccentric fashion and after-work crowd at The Carlton.

The Fashion.

As much as I like Brisbane for it’s breezy summer dresses and endless choice of bikinis, and Sydney for it’s label-crazy ode to all things high fashion, Melbourne is still my favourite for all things fashion due to the eclectic, eccentric and ‘anything goes’ mentality. It’s not quite London and definitely not quite New York, but you get more variety than the other cities combined. It could just be my love of small time upcoming designers like Lady Petrova and Anthony Capon’s a.concept label.

The People.

Not only does Melbourne have some of the most friendly, open and intriguing people in Australia but most of my family and friends live there and that’s saying something! You get such a variety of people in Melbourne that if you’re tired of one set of friends, there’s such a large pool of people available that you can always exchange them for an entirely different set of friends!

So of you’re in love with Melbourne too and want to add anything else to this list, feel free to post your thoughts and share your experiences. I look forward to hearing your views!

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