WikiLeaks and the Spirit of Resistance!

WikiLeaks and the Spirit of Resistance!

Picture by Raymond Salvatore Harmon

Terrorist lover. American hater. Sexual offender supporter. If you asked the American government of my views, this is what they’d say about me. They wouldn’t tell you that I’m a “Freedom of Information Act” activist because they want to brainwash you. But that’s what I am.

If you’re in bed with the Americans on this WikiLeaks issue than you’ve been duped. But that’s okay – there’s millions of ignorant people all over the world. You’re not the only one. But the nerve of good ol’ US of A trying to use laws of ‘inciting terrorism‘ to censor the actions of whistleblowers using WikiLeaks as a platform to share information.

Ludicrous! Preposterous! Nonsense!

There is no stopping this former superpower from their own arrogance and, well, power-tripping. And I say former very deliberately here because I feel that this super-power is very close to falling very far from grace. Even voting in Obama hasn’t delivered the change that the country so desperately needs.

If you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, I’ll gladly explain this WikiLeaks issue. In basic layman’s terms, due to mounting pressure from the American government the “WikiLeaks” website is no longer accessible to the public due to its role in publishing ‘leaked’ American government documents.

Now for a nation that was built on ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’ they’re acting a little like the Communist Chinese government in their haste to censor information. Something a little hypocritical here, Uncle Sam? To coin a phrase their beloved Dr Phil likes to say, “he who has nothing to hide, hides nothing.” And as a free thinker, I ask – what is the US government trying to hide?

Now at the time of writing this I have been able to locate the WikiLeaks website on And I’m glad that the geeks behind it are still dedicated to bringing news and information to the general public that is free from the hands of media moguls, advertising dollars (read: not-for-profit media organisation) and other big-business big-money influence.

Hallelujah for Julian Assange! If you’ve had enough of big-money, big-business or American government brainwashing, I also highly recommend Because the “Spirit of Resistance” Lives!

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