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Women who fake it

Photo by David Shankbone

Fake boobs. Fake lashes. Fake nails. Fake hair. Low self-esteem anyone?

Young women are lining up in droves for cosmetic procedures and their reasons are as superficial as “I just want to look more like Pamela Anderson.” Sigh. I guess you can’t blame them – Pamela Anderson looks like Barbie and girls all around the world spent their childhood idolising this plastic doll. Unfortunately.

And females are so open about the cosmetic procedures they’ve had done, they’ll happily recommend the doctor who injected collagen in their lips and refer you to the cheapest place to get botox. Yes, it’s true. And to my amusement, I’ve even had another female grab my hand and place it on a fake breast boasting about how natural they felt. And all I could think was “honey, this whole situation is not natural!”

I am concerned that society’s pressure for women (and increasingly, men) to look good and to be beautiful are driving some to take such desperate measures. Women are taking out personal loans to get these cosmetic procedures done. And if they can’t repay their loan, what next? Repossession of implants?

The price women are paying for beauty is too high. Finding one’s identity from medical enhancements is no identity at all. It’s learning to love the body you’re given that is the key to true enlightenment. Any foolish person with a cheque book can look plastic. Just go to Las Vegas and see for yourself!

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