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Simpleness not Simple mindedness

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Ahhh you gotta love Rednecks. Country towns are full of them. Now let’s not mistake simpleness for simple mindedness. When I refer to simpleness, I am referring to people who live simply, who strive to make their lives as uncomplicated as possible. You could say that at this point in my life, this is what I am striving for – hence the tree change. I think we as a modern society could learn a thing or two about living modestly and humbly.

Now when I talk about simple mindedness I am referring to someone who is basically foolish, uncultured and unsophisticated. Their minds are closed and they have not yet learnt to open themselves to being a part of a progressive society. Think Pauline Hanson of One Nation popularity.
I grew up in the ethnically diverse western suburbs of Melbourne where culture and progressive ideas are embraced and revered. I actually thought that the “Redneck” species were extinct. But I was proven wrong out here. In the vastness of Australia’s countryside, their numbers have multiplied. The ethnically diverse high-density cities have forced this species back further inland where you will find them in their natural habitat!
In country towns all over Australia, they come out of hiding and try and infect others with their simple mindedness. Not only do they pick on you because you’re from out of town (“so, you’re from out of town are you?”). They also pick on you if you’re a homosexual (“you’re not a faggot are you?”), or even if you’re a father who also happens to be a single parent (“you’re a single parent, what happened to your missus?… you’re not a faggot are you?”)
So if you’ve just moved to the country like me, remember that the “Redneck” species like to gather at their watering holes (aka The Local Pub). And if you were to venture into their territory, remember to come ready with some witty comments (just in case you need them), some sunglasses (so you can roll your eyes without being seen) and bring a man or two (thanks Ben and John) who are always more than willing to step in and put people back in their places. Oh, and bring some popcorn – it could get very entertaining!

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