Yee-ha! Attending My First (and Last) Rodeo Ever

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Yee-ha! Attending My First (and Last) Rodeo Ever

Photo by Rene Schweitzke


When you think of a rodeo you automatically picture cowboys, flannelette shirts, cowboy hats and cowboy boots with tight jeans to boot.

For my first rodeo I made a conscious effort not to follow the saying: ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’ and decided against any cowgirl attire whatsoever. For one, I didn’t have a pair of cowboy boots with me (I left my vintage pair of Italian leather studded cowboy boots in my shoe closet in Melbourne) and I wasn’t going to waste money in buying a cowboy hat I would never wear again.

So opting for a pair of Levis jeans, black faux croc-print gumboots, FCUK black T-shirt and a cardigan wrapped around my waist I set off for my first ever rodeo – the second biggest in Australia (or first if you talk in terms of prize money), known as the Warwick Rodeo.
Equipped with Bundaberg Rum (because that’s what Queenslanders love to drink), Ben and I sat down and watched the events. Bucking horses, bucking bulls, steering calfs, campdrafts… and although it was a warmish afternoon, and it lent itself as an interesting experience that everyone should try at least once in their lives – it wasn’t for me. After 2 hours, I called it a day.
So I can tick attending a rodeo off the Bucket List (not that it was high on the list anyways) and move on to something a little more me – like attending the Valentino Exhibition in Brisbane or checking out the local Stanthorpe wineries.
And a tip for any of you rodeo virgins – be sure to find a motel nearby as the rodeo is best enjoyed with a few (or many) drinks in hand – otherwise, like us, you won’t stand a chance of surviving it for anymore than a couple of hours!

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