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Think, Speak then Just Do It!

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I am a thinker. Most of my sentences start with, “I think…” Some people tell me this is a result of being my father’s daughter. My father was a thinker. He valued intellect and education, which is why at aged 10, I was expected to read the entire volume of encyclopaedias on our bookshelves. I am learning now that you also have to listen to your heart. You listen to it but take your head with you.

I enjoy talking. When I am in the mood to talk, I will talk to anyone, anywhere, at anytime. I will talk their ears off. Some people say it is because I was born a Gemini. This is an Air sign, which means we are natural communicators. My mum likes to believe it’s because I have important things to say and I should tell anyone who would listen. You can always count on mum to back you up.
Doing. It’s a great verb for me. Much of the spiritual books I’ve read states I should focus on Being. I can just be, but usually when I’m not involved in the acts of thinking or talking.
Reading, Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch I learnt that these three things, Thinking, Speaking and Doing go together like Charlies’ Angels. Like the BLT. Like Napolitana ice-cream. What I took away from this was that if we wanted to make an impact, we had to remember these three simple things if we wanted to fulfill our hearts desire.
When I look back in life, I had been thinking about the environment, sustainability and ethical/eco fashion for a while. I had spoken to people about these ideas. And now with this blog, I have an opportunity to put those thoughts and words into action – by reaching out to all of you.
And it’s not over yet. I know all of you will start to think about some of these words. Start talking to some of your friends. And start acting upon your own ideas. If we do this, then perhaps our environment, the ecosystems within it and largely, the world in which we live, might just have a chance to mend.

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