The Big Downpour

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The Big Downpour

Photo courtesy of Nathalie Laure

We’re in Queensland but if you didn’t know better you’d think Ben and I were still in Melbourne. Rainy days have outnumbered sunny days here in the Sunshine State. Not only has it been pissing down in Maryvale, but in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Byron Bay etc etc etc

When I packed my things I didn’t expect it to be so cold and wet in Queensland. I forecasted sunny days wearing light cotton dresses and bright colours. I didn’t expect to leave Melbourne, travel over 1000 kms north only to arrive in a town that seemed like Melbourne. It’s wet. It’s dreary. It’s cold. It was like I was coming home! I’m still dressing like I’m in Melbourne, lots of black, black, black. Except, I’m not wearing any pants or blazers because I didn’t bring any – I didn’t think I’d need it!
And unlike our lives of convenience in Melbourne, Ben and I figured without running water, the only thing we could do was collect the rain water to use later. So out came the bucket. The extra esky. The four melamine pasta bowls. The clear plastic wine glasses. The pots. Anything that would help catch the rain water.
Ben didn’t need to head to the creek – we had an abundance of water. The locals are loving us. We’re like their very own rainmakers. I just hope that it doesn’t flood. Because if they can’t harvest their crops, I’m betting they’ll be after us demanding we go back to where ever we came from 😉

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