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Saving Water

Photo by Carmella Fernando

The recent heavy rains in Warwick has resulted in the hire of a beat-up old caravan.

In the communal bathroom, there’s signs on the doors that say “Please keep your shower to no more than 4 minutes to help conserve our precious water.” With water restrictions across many parts of Australia due to droughts over the years, this seems common sense.

But it’s definitely not common practice. Even I, eco-chick that I am, struggle to keep under this time limit. It’s not that I like wasting water. It’s just that first thing in the morning, I look forward to being under the warm stream of hot water, fogging up the bathroom and letting the water ease me into the day. I shut my eyes and do a silent meditation before I realise that my fingers are puckering. 10 minute showers were a luxury I enjoyed many a morning.

But with Australia’s National Water Week campaign commencing next Monday Oct 18, I figured that the least I could do was confess my sins and help others to change their ways.

Even with the heavy rains quickly filling up our dams, we still need to be conscious of our water usage. After all, there is no guarantee of more rain, just as there is no guarantee of no drought.

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