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Ethics in Fashion

Photo by Bindarri

In my quest to improve my own knowledge about ethical and sustainable fashion, I’ve read many online blogs, forums and browsed through many a website on the subject.

I have scoured through hundred of pages and I thought I’d make it easier for myself and for everyone else, if I made a list of the important issues that fall under the “ethical fashion” umbrella which also helps to serve as an ethical standards test:

1. Protecting workers’ rights and ensuring they are given fair and decent wages as well as being provided good working conditions

2. Protecting animals rights and ensuring humane treatment of animals

3. Developing eco-friendly fabrics and materials for use in garment/goods production

4. Minimising or removing use of pesticides and chemicals throughout production

5. Using recycled fabrics and materials

6. Reducing energy usage and identifying energy efficiencies

7. Reducing water usage

So before you purchase a fashion item, have a think about some of these related issues and put it back on the rack if the item doesn’t pass the ethical standards test. By doing so, you will help to create a better world, promote a more sustainable fashion industry and thereby reducing the carbon footprint it has on this planet.

Thanking my fellow Eco-Warrior-Princesses in advance.

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