My very own BP oil fiasco

My very own BP oil fiasco

Photo by J B Hill

Being on the road since we left Melbourne to cross the country to our life in rural Queensland, we’ve had to fill up the petrol tank many a time. On this particular occasion though, I convinced Ben to keep driving past Albury to the next petrol station even though we were low on petrol and the amber light had already been flashing for 15 minutes. He listened to me, somewhat begrudgingly, and when the amber light remained flashing and we hit only open road with no other town within sight, let’s just say he will never listen to me again on the matters of petrol. He was unimpressed that my boycotting a company almost led to us being stranding in the middle of nowhere.

The outlook did not look good. Nearly 35kms down the road, half an hour since we drove past Albury and Ben close to completely losing his hair, we finally made it to a petrol station.

Unfortunately, to my dismay, it was a BP petrol station. I had made a vow not to purchase petrol at any BP outlet after I heard about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. So passionate I am about BP doing the right thing and fixing the mess they created, I even became a fan of the Facebook page promoting the forfeiting of all BP petrol until the situation is rectified.

So in the middle of nowhere, in a town hardly worth remembering, there was nothing I could do – we needed petrol – so despite my inner protests, I had to concede.

Now I make sure that I fill up the tank long before the amber light comes on. I don’t like letting dodgy corporations win a battle by default. Armed with this unfortunate experience, I am not about to let the same mistake happen twice.

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