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Missing Sunshine

When I say I’m missing Sunshine, I don’t just mean the weather. Yes it’s been awful weather here, and in that context, well yes I do miss the sunshine. But believe it or not, I have my own home (actually the bank owns my home, but you get my drift) in a Victorian suburb called Sunshine.

It could be I’ve had a mediocre day at work. I’m getting underpaid (and thus, as far as I’m concerned undervalued) and once upon a time I earnt twice as much as I’m earning now. It feels like I’ve just found a full time entry level job just out of high school! I shouldn’t complain, as many of the country locals here remark, “you’re lucky you’ve found a job, they’re hard to come by here.” But I suspect my issues might be more than just a matter of salary. I suspect that I’ve got a bad case of nostalgia. Everything is reminding me of home – or more accurately, everything is reminding me of how good home is. And it’s not just the weather.

Nothing against Maryvale – but nothing compares to where you’ve come from and where you’ve grown up. Nothing compares to home. My whole life is still in a sense tied up in Melbourne. I really miss my house. It took me a long time to make it just so and I miss the comfort it brings me. To add to that, I miss my own bed, fresh sheets and fluffy pillows, the whole shabang. I’m missing my walk-in colour-coordinated robe. I’m missing my pristine leather couch. I miss my cute little kitchen. I miss seeing and having coffee with my friends. I miss my family. I miss the largeness of the city. Somehow, even the closest biggest town here (Warwick) just doesn’t cut it. The population of the town is still only one third the size of Sunshine!

Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day for me, and hopefully the rest of the tomorrows after that. Maybe if I wasn’t coming ‘home’ to a run-down, cramped, dingy old caravan after work than maybe I wouldn’t be such a sourpuss. But then again I should do as Ben says and “take a teaspoon of cement and harden the fuck up” and I should look on the bright side – at least I’m not coming home to a flooded, water soaked, muddy tent!

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