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Losing the Ego

You live life in the fast lane when you’re in the city. You work hard. You play hard. The foot is on the accelerator all of the time, even in your ‘down’ time.

You care about what you wear. You care about how your hair looks. You care about the the image you project. Basically, as soon as you step out the door, you care about surface-level things like this because you know the city will judge you. Sometimes, it judges you harshly. I went to the grocery store once at 10pm to get some supplies. I was in my pyjamas, no make-up, hair piled on top of my head thinking there was no way I would bump into anyone. I bumped into three high-schools friends I hadn’t seen in years. That’s what happens in the city. Judgement comes when you least expect it!

Here in the country, no one care about what you look like! You wake up, and the wallabies bounce on by, looking for a safe place to graze. The crows above you continue with their morning song, intent on waking the entire town of Maryvale. The wild hares duck and weave in the long dry grass, like they’re playing a game of tag. The thistles grow in patches across the property, waiting to ensnare an unsuspecting leg or foot.

You know what? Even I’m starting not to care about what I look like! My hair is a birds’ nest. A decent solar shower comes by every three days. My armpits and legs are sprouting hair and may need to be deforested soon. And, I’ve worn my basic black outfit five days in a row… and I don’t care!

The best news of all is that Ben doesn’t even mind! He thinks “this experience is good for [me] and is helping [me] grow.” That’s when you know when your man truly loves you 🙂

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