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Fashions on the Field

Photo by Jinterwas

I have moved to the country, yes, but this hasn’t meant that I have given up my love for urban fashion. I am still just as committed to looking good playing Sex & the Country Girl as I have playing Sex & the City Girl.

I haven’t fully transformed into a country bumpkin because my clothing preferences still err on wearing black. Which is apparently a big fat no-no considering the colour absorbs the heat faster than you can say (or do a) quickie. You can see me out in the field head-to-toe covered in black. My favourite ensemble at the moment is a black racer-back cotton singlet, black cotton shorts and faux-crocodile print black gum boots. And of course, the essential Audrey Hepburn-style Hollywood style sunglasses.
I’ve added a few more pieces (and colour) to my Jenny-does-Maryvale look. I’ve added a wide-brimmed straw hat, another pair of gum boots (ankle-length, red and white polka dot), and an effortless white cotton dress (to accentuate my tan).

Ben says that I don’t really need fashion in the country. But I say, on the contrary. This is when you need it more. Because you need to inspire people to rise above the unflattering jeans, cowboy hats and plaid shirts. And Ben should know. He started off trying to fit in, with his red Forrest Gump “Toowoomba Auctions” baseball cap and mismatched ensembles however he too managed to lift his game, sometimes donning nothing more than a pair of black and white zebra-patterned board shorts and traditional gum boots.

However, whether we are in the city or in the country, it is compulsory to wear sunscreen. It is a must-have. Even my Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser contains SPF 15+. Nothing looks worse than a burnt nose and being mistaken for a koala (which is why I bought a hat) or looking like a red lobster (Ben). And nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, is ever worth being diagnosed with skin cancer.
And if living in the country has taught me anything, part of being fashionable out here also means being practical. Which is why my stiletto heels are still sitting, untouched, in the boot of my car.

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