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Photo by Natalie Maynor

I love food. I am undeniably a girl who loves and digs into her ‘tucker.’ Because of this love of all things edible, I try to be a conscious eater. There will be times when I fail and go for the quick fix (usually when I’ve spent days too focussed on other things, like writing!)  and I’ll eat a processed burger and chips from McDonald’s or KFC or eat a packet of Indomie’s Mi Goreng, but I acknowledge the sin, and keep trying to eat better and healthier.

So after sitting down and trying out a skinny latte from Lynn Bryson’s Bryson’s Place (highly recommended if you decide to visit Warwick) Ben and I found ourselves at the local Farmer’s Market. For any city person, a farmer’s market gives you the notion of feeling more connected to your food, being supportive of local farmers, justifying exorbitant prices for organic and bio-dynamic produce to be able show off your wisdom to your friends. I can tell you that visiting the Warwick Farmer’s Market was a different experience. No yuppies trying to “do the right thing. No overpriced produce. No pretenses. This was a great eye-opening, real country experience. A box of tomatoes for $4.00! Bargain when you consider that the box weighed about 5 kgs. In Melbourne, 1kg would set you back at least $2.50. Parrydise Farm Free Range hormone free, antibiotic free eggs cost $3.50. In Melbourne I’m used to paying double the price. Avocadoes which would normally cost $1.50, $1.00 each if you’re lucky cost us $0.50c!

So get out of bed on Sunday morning and get to the Farmer’s Markets (sometimes Saturday or weekday mornings depending on where you live). It’s well worth it.

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