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 Photo courtesy of Sommer Poquette

Today the heavens opened up and and allowed my path to cross paths with an inspiring woman named Michelle who owns a funky store called Earth Wear Eco Fashion in Warwick, Queensland.

As I thoroughly believe in cosmic introductions and feel that fate brought me to that fork in the road where you are aiming to do down one route and then decide on another, I happened on this particular store advertising “hemp clothing” so deciding to divert off my chosen path, I decided to walk in.

Looking around and Michelle’s Balinese inspired store and taking the shop incense fragrance and various colours in, I noticed she had an array of garments and jewellery made from hemp and bamboo for both men and women and sold fair trade clothing from Nepal and Thailand that she advertised as “environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical.” And Michelle even had a personal touch to her brochure thanking her customers for sharing her passion for a sustainable lifestyle and purchasing products that are positively impacting our planet.

So you can see why this woman and I were destined to meet! A fellow Eco-Warrior-Princess! Except she’s much more mature, has been living the lifestyle for something like twenty odd years and has a helluva lot more life experience than moi.

It’s amazing the people you cross paths with in this journey we call Life. In the fifteen minutes we spent interacting, I learnt about how she has been able to live sustainably on a fifty acre property in the Warwick region, choosing to live without electricity, having solar showers, making candles from wax supplied from the local bee keeper, originally grew up up in Ballina and even a little bit about the producers of some of the hemp clothing and how the Australian founders live and work in Thailand to understand the means of production as well as immerse themselves in the lives of their workers and how she is also selling Honeyrose Herbal Cigarettes that are tobacco and nicotine free!

A truly inspiring woman who has shown me that you can live and work according to the principles in which you believe and that you don’t necessarily have to compromise your values in order to live in this world. And in her quest to lowering her carbon footprint during her life, has also left a very memorable and educational footprint on mine.

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