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Up yours, Powercor

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I am not a citizen who sits on the sidelines. I exercise my democratic rights and use my voice in matters that are important to me. So given I am a writer, I wrote a letter:

Dear Editor,

I am writing to voice my concern about the new powerlines that SP Ausnet (Powercor) plan to erect in Ridgeway Place, Ardeer.

The council has not allowed us the opportunity to speak up about this and if they had, then they might have found that their electorate, especially mothers with children, have a lot to say in this matter. With the claims that living in proximity to powerlines may cause leukaemia, I would be very concerned to start a family living in this area. I am also aware of the kindergarten near the area and I am concerned for the children who attend there if the plans for these powerlines proceed.

I am unsure as to why there has been a lack of communication consultation on this subject, considering such issues as the housing development on Fitzgerald Road had been brought to our attention well in advance. Whether this was purely a council oversight or whether they stood to gain anything from this, I am not too certain. What I am certain of is that the community has the right to express their concens and that SP Ausnet (Powercor) is required to follow the due process and not cut corners.

It is not unusual that a greedy corporation has been permitted to do as they wish in the name of making a profit. What I am disgusted with is that our council has not even represented the electorate properly and called on the… Click To Tweet No wonder such companies get away with bad business practices – our council men and women just stand and watch! With the government looking to introduce an additional tax on the mining companies, I fully support any proposal for additional taxes on energy companies if they continue to operate in such a way as SP Ausnet (Powercor) has in this situation.

Just like the BP oil spill, where I have refused to buy their petrol until they clean it up without the help of US tax dollars – I will refuse to be a customer of Powercor until they follow the due process!!

Please print this letter in the next edition of the local paper. I want to make sure my feelings are heard on this subject!


Jennifer Nini

Note: This letter to the editor made its way into the local Fairfax newspaper and not only was it published, my mug found its way into one of the pages because they wanted my image to go along with the words. So you see, fighting for what’s right in any way you know how (for me it has always been through words) can sometimes lead to success!


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