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The Morning After

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People use the excuse that they were drunk as if that helps the pain of what they did go away.

They expect the people around them to forgive them readily and ask that they don’t think too much of what had happened, what was said, what was done the night before. After all, they were drunk and they didn’t know what they were doing and didn’t understand the affect their callous actions and words have on the people around them.

But what if you’re the sober one who watches your loved one make a fool of themselves (and you) and get you both kicked out of the bar/club/party? What happens if you catch your partner sneaking in a flirt with the woman/man standing next to them at the bar or leering at other women/men inappropriately? What if you require emergency treatment as a result of being glassed by a drunken stranger or being severely assaulted as a result of a drunk on the rampage? Should you wake up up the next morning and just forgive them for these indiscretions because alcohol was involved?

I’m often annoyed with my own behaviour the day following a massive ‘sesh’ and I’m forever apologising for my drunken behaviour to witnesses who care to listen. But I would understand just as equally if they weren’t ready to forgive me. I would understand that the damage I caused may be irrepairable.

I think we need to learn to take responsibility for our actions. Say the sorry’s we need to say until we are believed or told to stop. Deal with the consequences of our drunken inappropriate actions. If this means losing friends, losing your partner/husband/wife, losing your dignity in your attempt to make it up to them – than so be it.

And if you can’t handle the morning after when you are called upon to account for your drunken actions, than maybe you should think about putting down the bottle and take up sipping water instead.

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