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The Liberals obsession with surpluses

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Over the last few days of the election campaign, the issue of the ALP spending $100 million per day came up. And no doubt, this was an issue that the Liberal Party raised to get Australians to vote their way. Fact checkers checked and it turns out Abbott and Co. were wrong.

But of course you already know that. So here’s what I think about this whole topic.

My thoughts served straight up

I agree that Australians have the right to know why the ALP are spending so much and exactly what it is that they are spending on. After all, it is our money that they are spending. Thanks to the tax system. And I’m sure when word got out that the ALP were spending so much money, the average Australian heard the large figure and shat themselves. So let’s say the Liberals got the figure right, I still wouldn’t be too worried about it. Sometimes governments have to spend money – to stimulate the economy or for human services. And that’s what the ALP has done.

So whilst the Liberal Party do a song and dance about the ALP spending this money (spending remember, not wasting) they forget that when they were in power, in their quest to be “great economic managers” the Liberals saved our tax money to put our country into surplus. That’s right. They saved it.

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Now it’s not such a ridiculous notion. As individuals we save too. We choose not to spend it on things because we’d rather save it for something else. However, the Liberals forget one tiny problem with saving our money for a rainy day…. It’s raining now!!!! When so many things need funding such as health, education and infrastructure, the Liberals want to keep that money in the bank.

It is our money, we need it for services, and they want to keep it in the bank to store for a rainy day… yeh, that sounds like great economic management. Whilst people are waiting 8 hours to get in to see a doctor in the hospitals’ emergency department, the Liberals are happy to keep the money in the bank. Whilst we are driving on bad roads that need repair, they are saving our money in the bank. They are so obsessed with keeping our economy in surplus, I think we ought to tell them to get another hobby.

People Before Profit

Now I’m not sure about you, but I rather my government run itself like a not-for-profit organisation. More services! More health services! More community services! I’d like to see my tax money being put to good use. I do not wish to see my tax money in the pockets of the privileged minority who run corporations, have vested commercial interests and lobby to change laws and basically care only for themselves and their fellow rich elite.

In summary, if they continue their ranting and raving on how Labour is spending a fortune, well I’ll rant and rave on how the Liberals want to save our money when it could be spent on vital services.

And yes, if you want to know, I did not vote Liberal. For all of the above, and much much more. But if YOU did, well let’s sit down because I have a few bones to pick with you…

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