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The Greens move forward

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Who would have thought that the election result would read hung parliament.

How could this happen? Were the two major party leaders so uninspiring you couldn’t even split them?

I guess, though, as disappointed as I was to hear about the close race between the ALP and the Liberals – The Greens are the real success story – especially considering I voted for them in the Senate! I told you that one vote could make a difference! Guess there were people out there thinking along the same lines 🙂

The Greens won the balance of power in the Senate which is a fantastic achievement in itself and also because we know that they will push the two major parties to bring about better outcomes for the every day Australian.

Adding to their success is that they also won a Senate seat in every state – including Queensland and Victoria which is the first time this has happened in their party history. In addition to this, they also won their first lower house seat in Melbourne! I have never been so proud to call myself a Melbournian and to live in this glorious revolutionary city!

Well done The Greens! Their progressive policies on climate change, increasing foreign aid to 0.7% of our GNI, protecting asylum seekers, promoting same sex marriage and pushing to remove big business donations and reduce their influence on policy makers had won my vote.

Now, even with these small steps forward, we still need the ALP to get their act together and get them on side. I can’t think of a better love affair than that of the union-backed blue collared Australian Labour Party and the progressive environmentally responsible Greens.

There’s still a few weeks left until the results are finalised and let’s cross our fingers and hope they can move forward and establish this wonderful partnership.

I’d really like to keep the Liberals out… at least for another term.

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