Spreading Random Acts of Kindness

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Spreading Random Acts of Kindness

My fianc√© Ben and I were sitting up talking about a great blog post I had read about “Paying it forward – Random Acts of Kindness” (thank you very much Jane for your inspirational message) We were trying to remember if there were ever a time a complete stranger had helped in some way or shown us any kindness without expecting anything in return.

So we got to thinking. And thinking. The silence was deafening.

We weren’t even successful in coming up with more than four moments between us. Four!

So we were left wondering: is it because we hadn’t really taken notice when a stranger showed us any kindness? Or is it because they occurred so rarely that we were already scraping the bottom of our memory barrel? We both agreed, however, that the few times we were recipients of a random act of kindness, we held the memory close to our heart and remembered how we felt in that moment, treasuring the selfless act of a complete stranger. Click To Tweet

Then we started thinking about how frequently we committed acts of kindness and we realised that unless the recipients were our family or friends, we didn’t really perform acts of kindness, we didn’t really go out of our way for complete strangers – people we would never see again. Actually, there was that one time during my lunch break many years ago when I noticed a homeless man in Bourke Street, whilst on my way to Hungry Jacks. So I bought my meal, and one for him too and I remembered the look on his face. I have never forgotten that moment and I have never seen this man since. But that was years ago!

So Ben and I decided that we would join this cause and pay it forward one small gesture at a time. We figured it’s the least we can do to help this world become a little brighter, a little more peaceful and bring some humanity back into our society. Care to join us?

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