Shopping Addiction: Do You Have It?

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Shopping Addiction: Do You Have It?

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Have you ever known someone who persistently discussed their shopping habits; what they bought, where they purchased it and how much it cost?

Did you ever watch this person glow and grin as though they’ve just uncovered the secret to everlasting happiness only to find them back to their normal ‘depressing’ selves the next day?

What about those who show off their furniture, their kids toys, their new cushions, their new steak knives that they purchased from Kmart, or Big W or Target or Myer. And what about those same individuals who throw money at making themselves feel better by shopping only to find that they are still empty and hollow and now short on disposable income?

I wonder whether or not those people who are so ready to get into their cars and head down to the shops ever think about their robotic tendencies to self medicate and try to block out the feelings that something is clearly lacking in life. Trying so hard to fill a void that cannot possibly be filled, no matter how many times the credit card is handed over.

Shopping Addiction: Do you Have It?

Shopping addiction

Shopping and the compulsion for accumulating material things is no better than a drug addict addicted to heroin, or an alcoholic looking to crack open the next bottle. Unfortunately, shopping is a socially acceptable past time for men and women alike and the act of going out and purchasing something is as normal as brushing your teeth each night.

Shopping to make a person feel better about themselves is usually the goal. Just have a look at all of the TV commercials and print advertisements out there. By buying ‘such and such’ you’ll be more popular. Or more attractive to the opposite sex. Or you’ll be seen as more successful. As if a brand new sports car is going to make you successful. Yes, perhaps maybe look more successful. But only temporarily… before you start feeling like shite again because the neighbours saw the repo man trying to repossess the car you couldn’t afford!

Click To Tweet In other words, the mere act of possessing an item, actually reduces the value of the possession. Subsequently, the more you accumulate the less they are worth.

Please take note all you zombie shoppers out there. Open your eyes and make sure you sort out the difference between your wants and your needs, otherwise, you’re no better than the ‘loser’ junkie slumped over on the corner of Gertrude and Smith Street (or any other part of town drug addicts are known to frequent).

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