‘Reality’ TV, give me a break

‘Reality’ TV, give me a break

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Surely I’m not the only one who thinks there is a little irony with people who claim they are watching what they eat only to watch them ordering a diet coke.

So if you can see the irony in that, than you must agree with me when I say there is an irony with people who watch what they eat and exercise relentlessly in order to look after their “bodies” only to pollute their minds with “junk.” Junk TV, junk conversation and junk media propaganda.

There’s nothing real about reality TV

Take for example the mindless “reality TV show.” As you haven’t already figured out, I consider reality TV shows a form of junk – polluting the mind and inhibiting people to really live full lives. I mean, how can you be living a full life when you’re too busy watching somebody else live theirs? Is that silence I hear…?

And can I ask – how can reality TV be called as such when it’s basis is so far removed from reality. Anyone actually consider the fact that the the reality TV shows might be staged?

To be brutally honest, I find it disgusting to think that so many people religiously follow Masterchef and barrack for a guy called “Callum” to win (is that his name? I’m not too sure) but then if you ask the same people who they’re voting for in the next federal election and why, they couldn’t even tell you what the difference between both parties are. Yes, granted nowadays there appears to be no big difference between the policies of the Liberals and the policies of the ALP. But that’s not the point.

Apathy sucks

All I’m asking is to set aside equal  time for “important” matters if you are so adamant in spending some time on less important ones. Seriously, which is more important? Investing the time on watching a TV show that doesn’t mean anything at the end of the day. Or using that 30 minutes each day learning about our political system so that you can become informed, exercise your right to vote and thus influence who runs our country?

I know I’m not the only one to say that I’m very disappointed in the complacency of so many of our young people. I can understand why to some degree they find politics boring – I mean a 20-year-old cooking in a make-believe real kitchen to get the approval of judges to stay in a cooking competition – can seem far more appealing than the staged theatrics of Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard (both as boring as each other if you ask me) but whats more important… cooking or politics? (Ben, please don’t answer that, I’m not asking you…)

Now I don’t want you thinking that I’m anti-social, or too serious, or can’t appreciate fun, light-hearted TV shows. I am the best of the best at being a social butterfly – I can sit and nod and smile as you start in on what happened on Gossip Girl or The Next Top Model or Neighbours. As your friend, I am quite happy to sit and listen to you discuss the pros and cons of who you think should be The Next Masterchef. But I’ll make a deal with you – I’ll let you droll on and on about it so long as afterward, we can discuss the pros and cons of socialism and capitalism and which one you think would make a better political system.

Watch your IQ drop…

And yes, I know I’ve touched a nerve and have got many of you shaking your heads in disagreement and figuring out the best way to rebut much of what I’ve said – but before you start jumping up and down and trying to twist what I’m saying to mean something other than what it is – feel free to ponder on how you feel about such pop culture characters as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. I rest my case.

And for those of you who do agree, please feel free to join me when I break into the relevant network (yes, I never watched Masterchef and not sure which channel it airs on) to say to the TV executives of Masterchef.. “..quite frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn….”

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