Ramblings of an Eco Warrior Princess: Part II

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Ramblings of an Eco Warrior Princess: Part II

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So where did I leave off? Oh yes, how each of us individuals can make a difference.. (this is a two part series and you can find the first part of Ramblings of an Eco Warrior Princess here.

Well first off we have to stop hiding behind our fear, ignorance and apathy. Why you ask? Well if it wasn’t for our individual “wants” then we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in right now. If we didn’t “want” so much goddamned stuff then the companies wouldn’t be producing all of this stuff to feed our “wants.” And if we didn’t accumulate all of this stuff, we wouldn’t be afraid of losing it in the first place and having to find secure places to put all of our stuff. And the companies wouldn’t be playing off on our fears of not having enough, not being good enough or losing the stuff. Then we would actually stop worrying and instead be focussed on just satisfying our needs and than open ourselves up to other possibilities. As a result, we could eradicate the part of human nature that is obsessed with materialism and consumerism and use that energy focussing on other things to help the human species evolve…

Your vote matters

Sorry off topic. Where was I? Oh yes, well we have to use our voting power to make the government listen. Let’s not get caught up in the childish theatrics and political point scoring which is what the two major parties are doing right now to help get your vote, with their “Real Julia” campaigns, their “Let’s move forward” slogans and.. well not sure what the Liberals and Tony Abbott are doing except running around in red speedos…
Vote. It’s as simple as that. By using our vote, we can elect a government that listens to its people and takes action for change – real change, not pretend change like Obama and his administration where they campaigned for change before the election and then  forgot about their change campaign and committed even more troops into Iraq.
Now I know you’re wondering whether or not your vote is going to even make a difference, especially when both the Liberals and the ALP parties talk, act and behave the same. But I bet you haven’t realised that you do have other options.
Why you can always vote for The Australian Sex Party (yes I know, eye roll). Or The Democrats. Or The  Australian Greens. Personally, I think The Greens have got some pretty good policies at the moment about ethical consumerism, giving 0.7% of Gross National Income in foreign aid, forgiving (removing) the HECS debt  and I like their whole hippy, revolutionary vibe. But the one policy I like the most and is most relevant to this piece of rambling is:

“The Greens do no accept political donations from big business, and [they] support public election funding to stop the practice of buying political influence…”

Right on. Glad they put that on the table.
This coming election, let’s use our vote properly (please try and avoid dummy votes if you can) and use it for which it was intended – to exercise our right and freedom to elect the government that will rightfully represent its citizens, and not just the rich minority, and call on them to make changes. Real changes.
As they say, if you do what you have always done you will get what you’ve always gotten. So why not go out on a limb and try a minority party like The Greens. Surely they couldn’t run the country much worse than the other two. And you never know – you just might be pleasantly surprised 🙂
We don’t want to pry but we also think a good open discussion is important to stimulate critical thinking. We want to know who you’re voting for and why. Are you a ‘swing’ voter or are you one of the many that are disillusioned with the Australian political system? Have your say by leaving a comment. 

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