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Less Concrete, More Greenery: The Tree Change

I’m a little ambivalent about moving to the country side. And when I mean country side I don’t mean picturesque towns like the ones in the English countryside with luscious green meadows and beautiful white fencing with ponds containing ducks and other such animals.

I’m talking about a remote town in central Queensland which looks more like the town right out of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre film. It’s dry, deserted and dusty with grass that looks more like hay and very much lacking in rolling hills and any watering holes.

However abysmal the above sounds, I am determined to make a go of it. Although my idea of a tree change is entirely different to my partner Ben, I’m convinced that moving away from Melbourne will do me wonders. Life in the city can often be hectic, stressful, competitive and tiring, but it can also be intellectually stimulating, financially rewarding and culturally eye-opening. Click To Tweet

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How I feel about leaving Melbourne

I’m a little apprehensive about not having access to all of my normal ‘stimuli’ that comes with city living – cafes and restaurants that are open late, retail shops with 7 day a week trading, and a vast array of night clubs and bars that cater to my eclectic taste in music.

I’m hoping that I won’t be bored to tears in the middle of nowhere. I’m hoping the time spent without all of my creature comforts will give me a chance to work on hobbies like knitting, meditating and drawing. I’m hoping that spending the time out there will help me to appreciate the simpler life – a life without the external distractions and endless sinfulness that only the city can provide.

Just like my travel adventures have taken me to countries like the Philippines, USA, China, Thailand and Indonesia, I am hoping that this move will help me to understand the issues and the concerns of the local people and help me to appreciate a lifestyle that is so inherently different to my own.

Have you ever left the city for the country? How did you find it? Struggling or settling in? Would love to hear your thoughts so please leave a comment.

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