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Learning Not To Sweat The Small Stuff

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I’ve been reading this book I found in an op-shop called “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff for Women” by Kristine Carlson.

I guess the title gives it away, but the book gives you 100 different pointers on how not to stress over the little things in life. I’ve been reading it over the last few weeks, a few pages every day, and try as I might, no matter how wonderfully inspiring and how accurate the wisdom is, I still can’t seem to not sweat the small stuff.

If plans don’t go according to plan, I start sweating. If I’m running late for work, I start sweating. If the house is not completely how I left it, I start sweating. Now this might have something to do with what people describe as my need for perfection and what my mother likes to call my OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, for wanting things my way and getting anxious when it doesn’t (probably why I started my own digital agency, because I’m a control freak).

How I sweat the small stuff

Now mind you, I have relaxed a lot over the years. Here are some examples of how I’ve let loose:

a) I let guests walk on my cream-colored rug with their shoes on
b) I started dating a smoker (big thing because I can’t stand the habit, but lucky for me he quit smoking)
c) I don’t always use coasters for my glasses
d) I leave the kettle plugged in at the power point sometimes

I know for some people, these things are not big things and I know in the grand scheme of life, they aren’t big things. But if only I can master not caring so much about these things. And it seems that try as I might, I am a natural worrier. I try not to stress, but in the end, I still stress.

An over-thinker

Sometimes I’m good at keeping my mind still and not letting the small things affect me. But there are times when I absolutely lose the plot. I’ve noticed though through self-reflection, that I usually start to stress when I’m not in control and I feel I should be. It is my way of controlling the parts of my life that I can control, because I figure there’s so much in life I can’t.

Sometimes I think, living life like this isn’t really living because you’re too busy nit-picking and you miss the bigger picture. But other times I think, well I choose to react this way and if I want to react in a negative way and consume lots of energy in the process, than it’s my choice.

So I guess I’ll keep choosing to live in the moment, and whether I choose to react negatively or positively at least I know that that moment too shall pass.

Don’t leave me out on the branch all on my lonesome, I want to know if you share some OCD qualities too. If you do, please leave a comment. You won’t get any judgement from me!

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