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Mindless repetition

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Each person lives a life that they inherently choose to live. Unfortunately, most people live their lives in a state of groundhog day. It doesn’t matter what the day is, it’s always the same ol’ same ol’.

These people feel uninspired. These people live their lives without actually living. They get up and struggle to get out of bed. They get ready for work. They go to work. They count the hours until they get home. They get home and have dinner. They might watch a bit of TV and then go to bed. And then the next day, they get up and then do it all over again.
They lack a deeper connectedness to their lives and as such, they feel that they are going through the motions. I wasn’t immune to this. I’ve been through this state of existence before also. Years ago, I was in a rut. I was part of the rat race and I was a slave to my job, a slave to my mortgage, a slave to my safe comfortable repetitious cycle.
What I learnt after having a mid-twenties crisis and close to having a nervous breakdown is that it is important to be willing and active participants in our own lives. I challenged myself to break away from the vicious mindless repetition and I chose to live. Really live. To do work that I enjoyed and that inspired me. So I got out of a well-paid job, got myself out of my comfort zone and broke away.
One way I helped myself to move away from my previous life was to reflect each day on the events of the day. I would reflect on the people I had met. I’d ask, why were they characters in my life and what are they here to teach me? If something frustrated me, I’d ask, what is the lesson that I am meant to learn from this situation? Am I being tested in some way? I’d also reflect on whether I had touched someone’s life in some way or whether I was the recipient of love and kindness.
I’ve been actively living like this more and more as the years pass. I still have some low days where I feel like I hadn’t accomplished or learnt anything. But more often than not, I have high days where I’m literally high on life.

I allow myself to day dream and ponder on the meaning of life and why we are all here. I often look at myself in the mirror, observe the person that I see as ‘me’ and allow myself to be in awe that I am an actual living, breathing being, alive and aware. Life doesn’t get any more real than that – being present and observing yourself just being.

Life is an amazing gift and if we look at it that way, we are less likely to take life for granted and actually make the most of it. Simplistically, we are born, we exist for a bit and then we die and it appears that life seems to happen for just a moment and then it all ends. And that’s how it is. That’s our reality.
So I encourage each and every one of you to stake your claim in this life and really live in the short time we have. Because you never know whether your last day here on Earth is today, tomorrow or if it’s just around the corner.

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