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What started off as a blog in 2010 by eco geek Jennifer Nini (you can read her story here) has grown to become a powerful voice of reason in a sea of 'ethical' shallowness. It is no longer a hobby blog updated by a lone sustainable fashion advocate and environmental activist.

It is a website that regularly publishes posts on topics that matter most to us: sustainability, social justice, ethical business, feminism, green living and politics.

Eco Warrior Princess is made possible with the passion, talent and skills of other individuals who make up the core team. These individuals are paid for their time and effort and is the key reason we allow advertising on the website. To read more about how our ethical standards relates to advertising, read this post

So with all that said, we'd love for you to meet the Eco Warrior Princess team.

Amanda Lopez - Copy Editor

Amanda Lopez in Mt Province - Editor at Eco Warrior Princess

Amanda Lopez is a freelance writer, editor, and self-styled yogi from Quezon City, Philippines. Born aggressively well-meaning with a permanent chip on her shoulder, her long-term goals include loving unconditionally, building impressive upper body strength, and creating as much positive impact—on others, on the environment, and on herself—as possible.

Ben McGuire - Business Manager


Aside from being Jen's fiance, Ben is also the silent business partner. He comes up with ideas and input for strategic direction, is the undisputed office clown, makes sure that everyone gets paid properly and is the one they blame if they aren't! He is also the magician that makes Jen look amazing at each and every photo shoot she agrees to do. Ben is an entrepreneur in his own right, running multiple other businesses as well as their organic permaculture farm.

Georgia Foley - Student Trainee

Georgia Foley - Social Media Eco Warrior Princess

Georgia Foley is a student with many aspirations and goals, hoping to one day make her mark in the world. She is a lover of second hand shopping, making her own clothes and spending time at markets. When she's not concentrating on her studies, Georgia can almost always be found at the beach or unwinding with an inspiring book and some good music.

Steffanie Lister - Student Trainee


Steffanie is a high school student passionate about fashion, style and is obsessed with hippie festivals and beaches. She loves to dream about finishing school and finding a beachy town where she can grow an organic garden and enjoy a simple life of tie dye, flowers and sand between her toes.

Finn Whincop - Student Trainee

Finn Whincop - Eco Warrior Princess

Finn is a current Year 12 student living in the quiet little country town of Gympie. He spends his time learning guitar and piano while attempting to keep up with his studies. Finn is a music enthusiast and loves spending time listening to and playing songs of the rock legends. Finn hopes to one day start his own business and live in a small apartment playing Rock n’ Roll, working and dream about cars he can’t afford.

Ted Logan - Admin Officer

Ted Logan - Admin Officer at Eco Warrior Princess

Ted Logan wields much power in the team - he is the Eco Warrior Princess email gatekeeper. He enjoys bringing order to admin chaos and has highly-developed interpersonal skills - as only 10 years of driving taxi cabs can give you! When he's not at Eco Warrior Princess HQ saving Jen - the once reluctant entrepreneur - from going insane; he is at the Queensland State Emergency Service, actually saving members of the local community from crises and natural disasters.

Myraine Policarpio - Writer


Happily married for more than a decade and blessed with her unico hijo, Myraine manages Adam and Eve Organique (home of premium oolong and green teas, organic soaps and other skincare products), and runs her own  blog, too -- all while still doing her 'first love' -- being a freelance writer, editor and content manager of some online publication sites. Mommy Mai believes in the power of three F's: Faith, Family and Friends. Since she knows she's been blessed, she continues to be a blessing to others... even in her own little ways. 

Note: We are not hiring at the present moment but we do welcome regular contributors. If you're interested in writing for Eco Warrior Princess make sure to read this post.

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