Eco Warrior Princess Transparency Reports

As part of our commitment to transparency, each month we publish the income earned from

We believe that a blog about sustainability should also be financially sustainable. Therefore our reports provide a breakdown of key metrics such as the income earned, website traffic, email subscribers and our analysis of what is working and what isn’t.

It is our hope that this website not only helps people be the change, but gives hope to other mindful entrepreneurs looking to make a sustainable income from their passions.

We report monthly gross revenue. To view data and analysis in more detail (including net profit), please click the link for each respective report.

April 2017 – $2,026.32

March 2017 – $2,458.91

February 2017 – $570.87

January 2017 – $116.31

December 2016 – $1,210.61

November 2016 – $701.38

October 2016 – $961.90

September 2016 – $631.13

August 2016 – $2.49

July 2016 – $100.00

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