Who is Eco Warrior Princess?

Glad you asked!

My name is Jennifer Nini and I am the original Eco Warrior Princess. I founded this eco fashion and green lifestyle website back in 2010, yes long before it became “cool” to care about sustainability (please move on if you think it’s a fad, this green platform is not for you…!)

When I began this website, I was a lone blogger – writing, ranting, raving and basically using my comms skills to draw attention to the stuff that really matters. Stuff I felt didn’t get enough broadcast time with traditional media or in social conversations.

When I launched it, it was only my close family and friends reading it. But then over time, it grew and grew. And now we have a team of people who help carry out the mission of Eco Warrior Princess: to be the change.

Now as you may have guessed by its title, this website raises awareness of the social and environmental impacts of the fashion industry, promotes responsibly-made fashion, advocates policy that is beneficial to our environment and inspires the masses to “go green.”

As for me, I’m originally from Melbourne (Australia) and was called to “The Good Life” which is why I now live in a rural area I lovingly refer to as The Middle of Nowhere, Queensland. You can learn more about what transpired the tree change decision here.

Sustainability Influencer…

As part of our commitment to blog transparency, and to help readers and advertisers understand just what makes this website tick, I began publishing income transparency reports.

Here is a quick snapshot of the website’s key metrics to give you a better understanding of our popularity and influence (as at June 7 2017):

  • Monthly users: 25,611
  • Social media followers: 29,816
  • Email subscribers: 4,848
  • Pageviews: 47,768
  • Session duration: 0:01:39

As seen in…

We have NEVER paid to feature in any website, online publication, newspaper or magazine. We have been featured based on merit alone and this is something we are extremely proud of.

Now you may have seen us in green websites, ethical fashion blogs and sustainable lifestyle magazines, but most notably Nature & HealthPeppermint Magazine, Eluxe Magazine, the Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald and The Good Trade.

To view a current entire list of online and offline publications including magazines and newspapers, we’ve featured in, check out our Press page.

Wearing different hats…

Like most modern women, I juggle many activities. Luckily all areas of my life are interconnected and aligned to my values:

Here’s a two-minute video about how Eco Warrior Princess began:

Other ways to connect with me…

This website is as much my ‘home’ as my physical home but I’m also an active member of the online eco-friendly lifestyle communities. If I’m not on here, you’ll find me at my favourite social media hangouts Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Keep in touch…

I hope this website inspires you to go green and take action to make this world a better place. If it does, send me an email and let me know! I enjoy getting love letters 🙂

Or if you’re keen to work with me and have a genuine interest to help improve this world, please check out our Patreon  page first so you get a real understanding of just how this website operates. You can also download our media kit here.

Media & Press requests…

I am available for:

  • Press and media interviews 
  • Commentary on sustainable lifestyle, off-grid living and ethical fashion
  • Speaking engagements and panel moderation

You can contact me directly at or via the contact page.



  • Hey Jen,
    It’s a been a while. Just wondering what you are up to these days? Hope the world of the bush is being kind to you. Are you still in industry doing any social media workies?


    • Hey Matt!

      What a blast from the past! How are you? I have moved up to our farm between the Fraser and Sunshine Coasts. I’ll shoot you an email now. Great to connect again 🙂



  • So excited to come across your blog! I am green blogger from the US and I’m working on revamping my own blog after a hiatus in which I let it slowly decline (also know as going back to graduate school)! I really appreciate bloggers like yourself : )

    • Hi Emily! Glad you found me! Feel free to connect on other platforms too. I am extremely active on Twitter, Facebook and of course, Instagram 🙂 There’s a strong eco community on IG just so you know. Good luck with grad school and the revamp of your website too 🙂

  • Hi Jennifer,

    I am not sure how I have only just stumbled on your blog, website and cause now! I stand for everything Eco Princess Warrior advocates, and it is great to see that your blog has gained so much traction over the years.

    My name is Henry Shen and I am a third year Media and Design student heading a social media campaign that looks at changing the attitudes of young Australians in terms of purchasing Sweatshop-produced goods. The campaign is called Cut The Sweat and has attracted over 280 Facebook followers since September with numbers growing on our WordPress and Twitter also. I am reaching out to you in hopes that Eco Warrior Princess could be kind enough to affiliate itself with my small campaign. This campaign is strictly non-commecial and has evolved from my deep passion in social justice and equality.

    In my research I have found that a large reason why the world’s Sweatshop situation has been largely forgotten is due to the rise of Fast Fashion and our culture of increased consumerism. Young people today are heavily investing in a disposable clothing culture that is becoming quite unsustainable socially and ecologically. They are hence neglecting the fact that the clothes they are buying are likely to be subjected to sweatshop production where workers are enduring long hours, abuse and unfair wages. Through my awareness campaign, I aim to bring the injustices of Sweatshops back into our social agendas and promote support for fair-trade fashion.

    Your engagement with our social media which I have linked below would mean a lot for the cause and since our message is very closely aligned, will be of benefit to sustainable fashion overall. Perhaps a “plug” on your Twitter or Facebook to our page are good ways to link up. Otherwise any engagement between yourself and Cut The Sweat would be greatly appreciation! Likewise, Cut The Sweat will be more than happy to help promote Eco Warrior Princess in any way possible.

    As a small start-up, any resources that you might be kind enough to spare would also be deeply appreciated.

    Please, have a look at our social media links available at the following:

    Facebook on:

    • Hi Henry! Thanks for reaching out and really glad you’re on the same page. Yes I have been in this space for a long time and aware of the issues. If you haven’t already checked out the Fashion Revolution initiative that started several years ago I encourage you to. The growth in the #whomadeyourclothes #fashrev campaigns means that the world is waking up and many people want to highlight the atrocities in fashion so that we may change its course for the better.

      Now our editorial calendar is full but I will try to see what I can do. In the meantime, make sure to connect on social media as we will tag you on any shout outs that we do about your campaign. Alternatively, if you wish to submit a guest post about your campaign you’re more than welcome to. Just makes sure to review our writer/submission guidelines 🙂

      • Hi Jennifer,

        Thanks so much for your reply! I really do appreciate your message 🙂 Cut The Sweat is definitely following you and your cause on social media and we’re excited to connect with you further!

        I will definitely look into writing something for the guest post very soon!

        Again, thank you!

  • You are such an inspiration for the jewelry I create. I’m constantly looking for new and interesting ways to expand my jewelry that helps the planet at the same time. Anytime a piece of mine doesn’t work or a family, friend, or neighbor have jewelry, they are going to trash I take it off their hands and create something better.

    • That’s so lovely of you to say Amber. And wonderful to know you’re upcycling too. Is that right? Although I generally don’t wear jewellery as it’s impractical with the kind of lifestyle I lead, there are times when I do – for photo shoots, meetings and events. I like statement pieces or minimalist pieces. And jewellery that is built to LAST. I received a ‘fair trade’ necklace and it broke the third wear – I wasn’t even on the farm doing anything laborious tsk tsk. I think items that are handcrafted should still be robust and be built to last.

      • I couldn’t agree more. I make my products to last and look brand new and some I make to show their age and interact with the atmosphere like oxidize sometime I think it adds some character. But I like pieces that are easy to wear and I don’t have to think about it. But I loved this article it has inspired me like I said to come up with other jewelry styles that can reduce waste in landfills. Well maybe sometime you will have a chance to look at me site. <3

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