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The Absurd Fashion Faux Pas You Need To Let Go Of

March 21, 2015
The Absurd Fashion Faux Pas You Need to Let Go Of

If you’re worried about being caught wearing the same thing twice you’re not alone. This fear is shared by women the world over, me included.

I held this irrational fear for much of my adult life. It’s the main reason I kept a running catalogue in my mind of who had seen me in what outfit and at which event.

When I got over the absurdity – prompted mostly by my sustainable values and a need to save money – I later discovered that wearing the same thing twice is actually well known in conventional fashionista circles as “the ultimate fashion faux pas.”

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A Quest to End Human Trafficking With Ethical Fashion

March 15, 2015
Limited edition Cross Body Bag

Human trafficking. A term one rarely utters in general conversation and a concept that is difficult to grasp for the nightmares it brings to the mind and the ache it brings to the heart. defines human trafficking as:

“The recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of a person for the purpose of exploiting that person through slavery, forced labour, sexual servitude, debt bondage, organ removal or other forms of exploitation.”

Human trafficking is labour exploitation often seen in such industries as fashion, commercial sex trade, agriculture, hospitality and construction.

Indeed it takes a certain kind of strength to look at circumstances that involve the worst parts of human nature, grapple with its hard-to-swallow truths and then do something about it. It is fair to say that Stephanie Hepburn writer and founder of ethical fashion business Good Cloth has that particular kind of strength.

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Boho Glam + Luludu Ethical Shoes Giveaway

March 8, 2015
Boho Glam + Luludu Ethical Shoes 6

The first ethical fashion giveaway of 2015 is an awesome one if I do say so myself: the chance to win a pair of Luludu handmade ethical crochet shoes!


A week or so ago I introduced you to Alana Deukett creator of Luludu who founded the ethical label on the notion that business can be a force for good and that it shouldn’t just exist to make profit alone.

Her business prioritises people and planet; where kindness and compassion are not words manipulated for marketing reasons, but embraced and practiced in daily life. Luludu shoes and homewares are made by a team of artisans who earn fair wages while working in a relaxed, safe environment in Cambodia. No slave labour, no exploitation and please, no pity. Just mutual respect; from one human to another.

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The 5 Often Forgotten R’s of Eco-Friendly Fashion

March 4, 2015

Are you going green? If you are, you’re not alone. Hordes of Australians and an increasing number of the Western world’s population have joined the green movement: eating organic food, timing their showers and becoming urban gardeners. Once relegated to peace-loving hippies, sustainability has now hit the mainstream. Although I have been writing this blog going on 5 years and there is a wealth of information available, I still get asked: what is eco-friendly fashion?

For newbies navigating the sustainable fashion maze, it can be confusing. But then it’s easy to understand why. Some ethical brands and eco fashion bloggers are just as confused and at times missing the point too! So I decided to put together a list that helps you understand what eco-friendly fashion should be about, concepts that don’t just involve buying sustainable stuff.

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Dreamer, Do-er & Do Gooder: Alana Deukett, Australian Ethical Fashion Designer

March 1, 2015
Luludu design ethical fashion crochet shoes

It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for Aussie designers who create eco friendly and sustainable fashion.

Alana Deukett is no exception. The Gold Coast (Australian) based founder of ethical fashion label Luludu, Alana designs and sells gorgeous crochet shoes for women and babies, dream catchers and specially designed tote bags.

I am selective about the people and the type of businesses I work with, even in the ‘ethical fashion’ space. With Alana it was a no-brainer. She ticks all the 3 D’s: dreamer, doer and do gooder.

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