Closet Thief: Revolutionising the Clothes Swap

October 27, 2014
Closet Thief

Are you a Click Chick? Chances are, in this highly digitised world, you are. Shopping online is becoming the norm for many women. It’s convenient, easy, allows online price comparisons, enables you to seek out online discounts and helps to plan your purchases accordingly.

I am definitely a Click Chick. When I have a need for an item (usually fashion or homeware), I will go online first, research second hand options, bid (if it is an online auction) and then in just a few clicks, make a purchase. There are only a handful of websites that I visit in order to satisfy my needs, the most frequented of course is eBay.

Thus it was a pleasant surprise when I came across a new start-up called Closet Thief in my social media circles that allowed me to indulge my fashion cravings guilt-free. Closet Thief is an online exchange platform that facilitates the clothes swap as well as the swapping of shoes, accessories and jewellery between women.

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For The Love of Vintage Clothing

October 22, 2014
Eco Fashion Blogger - Jennifer Nini

Once upon a time there used to be this stigma associated with buying second hand goods. Fortunately for me, my addiction to vintage and second hand clothing had formed when I was too young and too poor to care about what other people thought.

And if I were to blame anyone for my second hand obsession, I’d blame my father. He introduced me to the thrift life through his love of garage sales, trash and treasure markets and recycling and reusing everything he could!

My first second hand buy was in my early teens when I spotted this electric blue top in my size (I was and some will argue still am, teeny tiny so to find something that fit was amazing in itself!) And it was love at first sight. My father brought me to a garage sale one Saturday morning in a suburb I can’t recall, but instinctively know was not in Melbourne’s western suburbs. At the garage sale, I found this particular blue acrylic woollen long sleeved V-neck top for $2. It was the beginning of a cheap illustrious affair with secondhand fashion and vintage clothing – which still continues to this day.

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Food & Health

A Shift in Health Consciousness

October 8, 2014

Photo by Alex Ling


I heard some wonderful news recently. It went something like this:

“McDonalds is experiencing a slump in worldwide sales…!”

On the back of Morgan Spurlock’s documentary film “Super Size Me” 10 years ago that revealed the disgusting reality about how McDonalds (colloquially known as Maccas in Australia) food can negatively impact a human being’s health (in the doco, it was his own), I was surprised the company bounced back at all.

You may be wondering why I’m even bringing this up.

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Thank God It’s Thursday

October 5, 2014
Eco Warrior Princess - Jennifer Nini 9

The days of 3 inch patent stilettos, tailored trousers, a face full of makeup and the need for an iron are long gone.

In its place a new kind of work uniform: gumboots, torn jeans, comfy tees (eco friendly of course!) and makeup free skin.

It may seem like I am in a style rut, but the truth is, comfort and practicality has its place in fashion. A woman wearing makeup whilst working on the land is as silly as a job candidate wearing trackies to a job interview.

There are glimpses of my previous city slicker life in the day-to-day. Like my choice in eyewear. Often designer, preferably Prada. Or when I choose to wear my black wide-brimmed studded felt hat when I’m gardening when a baseball cap or straw hat would suffice.

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Sustainable Swimwear: Shapes in the Sand

September 21, 2014
Shapes in the Sand

It can be easy to romanticise an entrepreneur’s business journey , especially one that involves moving to a beautiful Queenslander on a mountain slope nestled amongst the trees brimming with natural wildlife. Yes it all seems idyllic. But the truth is, starting a business involves a lot of work. Some of it hard, some of it easy, but all of it necessary to create something of any real significance. Of course, with our foray into organic farming and food production, there has been and will be a constant stream of physical work. On the flipside, there is also a never-ending pile of intellectual ‘work’ involved too. And to add to that, the work can be emotionally taxing too.

Thankfully there is three of us sharing in the responsibility for turning this business vision into a reality. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how it must feel for a lone entrepreneur doing it on their own!

Which is why when I come across the rare individual that is willing to ‘back themselves and have a go’ as my fiancé likes to put it, I am fixated on not just learning what makes them tick, but also tapping into their vibrational energy. One such person is Alexandra Dash, founder of sustainable swimwear label Shapes in the Sand and a young woman undeterred by the sheer competitive nature of the fashion industry.

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